[Wrf-users] real.exe FATAL error

Eric Altshuler ela at cola.iges.org
Fri Apr 16 17:45:05 MDT 2010

Dear Asnor,

I found at least three errors in your namelists:

1. e_sn for domain 2 is 58 in namelist.input but 28 in namelist.wps. These values must be the same in both namelists.

2. dx and dy for domain 2 in namelist.input are 9000, this is inconsistent with the value implied by parent_grid_ratio for domain 2 (3) which implies dx = dy = 10000, not 9000.

3. There should not be an ampersand (&) before sf_surface_physics in namelist.input.

I also found many error messages "error in the grid%tslb" in real.out. I don't know what these mean, but it could possibly be related to error 3 listed above. Finally, you have num_metgrid_soil_levels = 0 which means your WPS output contains no soil information and can't be used to initialize any land surface scheme. You are trying to run the Pleim-Xiu LSM (sf_surface_physics = 7) which uses 2 soil layers, but you have num_soil_layers = 4 (it should be 2 for PX scheme). Examine your input data and be sure it's being processed correctly (use the correct Vtable, etc.) and contains all necessary data (including soil temperature and moisture) to initialize WRF.

Best regards, 

Eric L. Altshuler
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Subject: [Wrf-users] real.exe FATAL error

Dear all, 

I got an error while running the real.exe. Would you please look the attached document shown the error on real.out, namelist.wps and namelist.input files. Therefore, does anyone could determine on how to fit this error? With many thanks in advance. 

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