[Wrf-users] fdda vs 3dvar,4dvar

Gil Capote Mastrapa gcapote at cubaenergia.cu
Fri Apr 9 03:59:46 MDT 2010

 Anyone in the list can advice me about the use of either FDDA or WRFvar (3dvar or 4dvar) ? I need the WRF output to use it as input for air quality modelations . (AERMOD, CALMET-CALPUFF, CMAQ ).this requires long continuous runs. i ask this because i couldn't find out how to introduce observation data to improve accuracy of my WRF run. With the 3dvar tool (the one i have been trying to use), i ran obsproc (WRFvar preprocessor) for a single date and hour and obtained a .little_r file with my own SYNOP data, but i couldnt find how to insert obs data periodically , as my run period isn't small. can this be done ???? FDDA better option ??? 

* Another question > I obtained little_r file with my own obs data with obsproc, now, how generate my own BE (background error) file, anyone knows how works the gen_be tool ?????     

any help ???? any kind of info will be very appreciated


 Engineer. Gil Capote Mastrapa
 Environmental Impacts Department of Cubaenergia, 
 http://www.cubaenergia.cu/  Habana, Cuba.

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