[Wrf-users] WRF3.1.1 and WRF3.2; PGI compiler with gcc (smpar)

Neil P. Barton npbarton at UDel.Edu
Fri Apr 2 16:39:26 MDT 2010

Dear wrf-users,


I am running WRF3.1.1 on a linux x86_64 bit with PGI 8.0-4, gcc4.3.4, and
netcdf 3.6.3. I successfully compiled wrf with smpar, but when I run
./wrf.exe on multiple processers, wrf exits with segmentation fault after
about 9 to 20 time steps. 


I read that my OMP_STACKSIZE may be too large, but this problem still occurs
when I set the stack size as low as 2GB. I have also downloaded WRF3.2, but
wrf.exe still does not run under smpar with PGI compilers. 


Note, wrf.exe runs fine on 1 processor and with the gfortran compilers. 


Any input on how to run WRF under the smpar setting with PGI compilers is
much appreciated.


Thank you,




Neil P. Barton


Research Assistant

Department of Geography

University of Delaware


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