[Wrf-users] Problem with Katrina Tutorial case

Robert J. Ballentine robert.ballentine at oswego.edu
Sun Mar 14 19:31:54 MDT 2010

   We are trying to run the Katrina single grid tutorial case using WRF-ARW 
v3.1. We did not add the SST data. We are able to run the WPS and real.exe 
successfully, but wrf.exe fails with a Segmentation fault after a few
timesteps. It seems to be failing in the model physics routines. The model
fails with the default namelist parameters (cu_physics = 1), and with
cu_physics = 0. Attached are the namelist and logfiles for both attempts.
The model prints a number of error messages like:
   WOULD GO OFF TOP: KF_ETA_PARA I,J,DPTHMX,DPMIN            2            2
        NaN    5000.000
Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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