[Wrf-users] Surface area of domain

Matei Georgescu mateig at stanford.edu
Thu Feb 11 12:01:37 MST 2010

Greetings fellow WRF-ers,

I am interested in obtaining the surface area of my domain. I can do a
crude calculation, based on the number of grid cells, grid cell
resolution, etc., but I am wondering if there is an actual WRF output
variable that better takes into account the varying lat/lon distance (my
domain encompasses the entire US, parts of Mexico, Canada, etc.).

Looking forward to any advice.

thank you,

Matei ("Matt") Georgescu
Post-doctoral Scholar
Program on Food Security and the Environment
Stanford University
Y2E2 Bldg - MC4205
473 Via Ortega
Stanford, CA 94305
homepage - http://stanford.edu/~mateig

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