[Wrf-users] CentOS 5 - SGI

Jean-Louis Monge jeanlouis.monge at free.fr
Tue Feb 2 02:05:25 MST 2010

On Tuesday 2 February 2010 04:17:06 Mikhail Titov wrote:
> Dear WRF help and WRF users,
> We install WRF (v2.2 at this moment) on SGI cluster and collided with a 
> problem installing WPS: plotting procedures 
> 'plotfmt.f90' & 'plotgrids.f90' (in 'util/src') are not compiled properly 
> and we don't have executables.
> It seems that WPS requires some static library  ('libgc.a') for the 
> compilation

Hi Mikhail,

I suppose you mean "libg2c.a"...
libg2c.a has been removed (why ??!) from many new linux distros. The 
workaround is to find and install a "libg2c.a" file for your architecture, 
from an older distro. Try libg2c.a on google.

Another workaround is to install the f2c package, if available, and to link 
with libf2c.a.
Jean-Louis Monge
09 50 51 14 43
jeanlouis.monge at free.fr

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