[Wrf-users] Display the change of typhoon or/and storm in the future on maps

Nguyen Dang Mau mau_imh at vkttv.edu.vn
Thu Dec 24 19:40:13 MST 2009

Dear Colleagues

As you may remember the previous email I sent yesterday to require helps
from all of you on predicting storm in the future for Vietnam.

I want to talk more detail of my requirement, in this study I want to
predict the zone indicates where is a 10% probability of a storm of this
intensity in the next years (2010, 2020, 2030, ...2100) ) from the PRECIS's

Please help us how to do like that with the PRECIS's output and send your
advices to me soon because we are very eager to do that.

Hope to hear good information from all of you soon

Best regards




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Subject: Display the change of typhoon or/and storm in the future on maps


Dear Colleagues,

Merry Christmas to you all,

Refer to our studies on PRECIS in Vietnam, we want to use the PRECIS's
result to predict the trends of storms which will appear in the East sea of
Vietnam. In this study, I hope to identify where will have more typhoon, or
where will have less typhoon and where will be hit by more less typhoon in
the future.

For this study, we think that firstly we have to have the enough baseline
data (for example 1981-1999), and then we will have to compare the future
climate with the baseline climate after that we will have the change in
future of storm. The change of storm in the future will be displayed on maps
by Grads or/and other soft wares . So, we don't know how to do that. We
don't know the variable will be used for comparing. 

Could you please tell us detail how we can do that?

Hope to hear good information from you soon,

Best regards

Nguyen Dang Mau




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