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Chris.Thomas at ga.gov.au Chris.Thomas at ga.gov.au
Mon Dec 21 16:41:15 MST 2009

I think the best way is to set DX and DY in namelist.input to the value in the geo_em* or met_em* files after running the WPS system. You can get these by running for example ncdump -h geo_em_file_name | grep DX


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I am attempting to run a simulation in WRF-ARW using a lat-lon map projection.

WPS runs fine.  DX and DX are set to 0.018, and MAP_PROJ is set to lat-lon in the namelist.wps

Upon running REAL.EXE, I received the following error...

"DX and DY do not match from the namelist and the input file"

I have tried two different settings for DX and DY in namelist.input;

DX and DY = 0.018 (degrees)


DX and DY = 2000  (m)

Both give me the same error.  I am out of ideas on getting this to work.  Any help would be appreciated.

Scott M. Mackaro, Ph.D.
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Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere(CIRA)
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