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Ulas Im ulasim at chemistry.uoc.gr
Thu Nov 19 13:27:48 MST 2009



I am trying to extract the lat lon information of the 4 corners of my mother
domain. In the geo_em.nc outputs global attr. section, there are 2
parameters: corner_lats and corner_lons, with 16 values for each attribute.
However I could not figure out how to get the info I get from these lat lon
values. The values are copied below. Can you show me a way please?


corner_lats = 26.07119f, 65.66156f, 65.66156f, 26.07119f, 26.02309f,
65.56068f, 65.56068f, 26.02309f, 25.94785f, 65.74339f, 65.74339f, 25.94785

f, 25.89986f, 65.64233f, 65.64233f, 25.89986f ;


corner_lons = -16.70776f, -58.06381f, 84.06381f, 42.70776f, -16.84503f,
-58.26221f, 84.26221f, 42.84503f, -16.65442f, -58.30884f, 84.30884f, 42

.65442f, -16.79147f, -58.50699f, 84.50699f, 42.79147f ;


Thanks in advance


Ulas Im, PhD


Environmental Chemical Processes Laboratory (ECPL)

University of Crete, Department of Chemistry

P.O. Box 2208 71003 VOUTES



TEL: +30 2810 394195

Fax: +30 2810 545001

E-mail: ulasim at chemistry.uoc.gr


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