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There are several possible reasons for this.  I have listed some in
the order of most likely to less likely
 1) you are running different physics options.  The most likely
    differece is in cloud microphysics which can add/subtract fields
    for graupel, cloud ice, number concentration, etc.

 2) you are running a different version of WRF (3.1 vs 2.2.1, for
    example) and that can account for one or two fields.

 3) you or they have edited Registry.EM to change what parameters are


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On Thu, Oct 22, 2009 at 06:17:05PM +0530, A.R Ragi wrote:
> Dear WRF users,I have one doubt in WRF running.
> While running WRF in my institute we have less parameters compared to the
> WRF output parameters from other Institutes.
> What is reason for this? Where we can set the output paramters? Is it
> depends on namelist?
> Thanks in advance.
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