[Wrf-users] WRF on BlueGene/L

Sheeba Prakash sheeba at us.ibm.com
Fri Oct 2 07:19:08 MDT 2009

There shouldn't be any problem in running WRF on Blue Gene/L. I suggest you
refer this redbook; WRF is in section 8.8 .
http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/redbooks/pdfs/sg246686.pdf .  Please remember
you are cross compiling and everything thing should go fine. Thanks,

Sheeba Prakash
IBM Certified Senior IT Specialist,
STG WW HPC & BI Benchmark Center

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We have been running WRF on our Intel based linux cluster and we wanted to
try to run it on a BlueGene/L that we have access to. So, I just wanted to
enquire as to whether anyone on this mailing list has had experience
running WRF
on this platform, and whether any open issues are present. The BlueGene/L
we have has 8096 processors.

(CAOS, IISc, India)
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