[Wrf-users] QG, QG(NK).LT.0 (Fatal Called)

claudio cortes claudiomet at gmail.com
Thu Oct 1 07:05:47 MDT 2009

Hi !

I'm trying to run WRF model.
In the compilation process I had no problems (compiled with Fortarn
Conpiler Suite ver 11.1) having all requirements and libraries
compiled and correctly installed (compiled with the same complier).

The configuration is the default (excep the domain dimensions and the
time, obvius) and I use the gfs.pgrbfhh.grib2 as inputs.

Now, geogrid, ungrib, metgrid and real runs with no problems, but
wrf.exe finishes with an error :

Code: Select all
      WOULD GO OFF TOP: KF_ETA_PARA I,J,DPTHMX,DPMIN          72          59 NaN
    -------------- FATAL CALLED ---------------
    FATAL CALLED FROM FILE:  module_cu_kfeta.b  LINE:    1713
    QG, QG(NK).LT.0

Where is the problem ?

Claudio Cortes
+56 (2) 2994121

Laboratorio de Meteorologia y Calidad de Aire
Centro Nacional del Medio Ambiente (CENMA)

Claudio Cortes
+56 (2) 2994121

Meteorology and Air Quality Labs
National Enviroment Center, Chile (CENMA)

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