[Wrf-users] Fortran Runtime error... WPS//util/plotgrids.exe

suresh kumar sureshrka at gmail.com
Tue Sep 8 01:23:25 MDT 2009

Dear WRF experts,

I am compiling WRF-ARW on RedHat-LINUX machine using GFORTRAN and GCC.

I am proceeding with WRF ON LINE TUTORIAL and all is ok until now.

I have a trouble in running ./util/plotgrids.exe (to ensure my domain is in
the right location before running geogrid.exe):

root/WRF/WPS$ ./util/plotgrids.exe
At line 104 of file plotgrids.f90
Fortran runtime error: Cannot match namelist object name share

Please help me to overcome this problem.

Thanks in advance

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