[Wrf-users] pressure errors in real_em

Mark Stoelinga mstoelinga at 3tier.com
Mon Aug 24 13:52:06 MDT 2009

Has anyone else noticed surface pressure errors in the WRF input file,  
at a handful of single points in the domain, of several 10s of hPa,  
using version 3.1.1 of real_em?  Needless to say, they generate huge  
"pebble in the pond" gravity waves within the first few hours of model  

I know that that the sfcprs3 routine was changed to correct occasional  
problems with below-sea-level points.  And we've confirmed that fix  
worked.  However, now we have this new problem, which the V3.0 version  
of sfcprs3 did NOT produce.

I don't see anything about it on the "WRF Model Version 3.1.1 : Known  
Problems and Fixes" page, so thought I'd ask the community.

The particulars: 2-domain setup, 45/15 km, covering most of Europe,  
and using NNRP grids.


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