[Wrf-users] CAM subgrid scheme and WRF regional climate simulations

Mau Nguyen mau.imhen at gmail.com
Tue Aug 18 21:40:40 MDT 2009

Dear colleagues,
I am Mau, studying a master course at National University of Vietnam. For my
master thesis, i study "Using output of the Community Atmospheric *Model* (*
CAM*) to be the input data for RegCM3 model to simulate climate in Vietnam".
For my study, i am trying to review related documents.
If someone has the paper of Dr. Climatol Qian, Dr. Ghan SJ which named
"Downscaling hydroclimatic changes over the Western US based on CAM subgrid
scheme and WRF regional climate simulations"  and other related documents,
please send them to me.
Hope to hear good information and good comments for my study soon,
Best regards,
Nguyen Dang Mau

Nguyen Dang Mau
Center for Meteorolgy and Climatology (CMETC)
Vietnam Institute of Meteorology, Hydrology and Environment (IMHEN)
23/62 Nguyen Chi Thanh Rd.,
Email: Mau_imh at vkttv.edu.vn or/and mau.imhen at gmail.com
Web: http://imh.ac.vn/
Mob.: (+84) 94 664 7228
Tel. (Office): (+84) 43 8357159
Tel. (Home): (+84) 66 71 28 84
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