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Zulauf, Michael Michael.Zulauf at iberdrolausa.com
Mon Aug 17 10:49:39 MDT 2009

Hi all. . .


I sent this message a few days ago, but since my email address had
changed since I subscribed, it wasn't immediately accepted (pending
moderator approval).  I've changed my settings, and I'm resubmitting.  I
apologize if this yields duplicate postings. . .


I have a quick question to WRF users and anybody else who might feel
like responding.  My group currently runs WRF on a cluster of dual core
/ dual CPU nodes (ie, 4 cores per node).  These nodes are a couple years
old.  We're looking to upgrade our system gradually (adding some newer
nodes, and then maybe eventually retiring old nodes or just building a
separate cluster).

The question is, what are people's thoughts about the best hardware
choices, keeping price/performance in mind.  At the WRF Workshop in
June, I heard a lot about the quad core Nehalems.  It looks like you can
get dual quad core systems for a pretty decent price (ie, 8 cores per
node).  Does this sound like a good setup?

In general, most of our simulations are for pretty small grids, and
don't need to be run on more than a node or two.  On the other hand, we
do run some that have large grids, and they need to be run on up to 8 to
10 nodes (currently) due to memory or performance constraints.  And with
faster processors, better scaling, and a quick interconnect, I could see
us starting to run much larger grids.



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