[Wrf-users] why there is no rainc in the parent domain?

Jie TANG totangjie at gmail.com
Mon Aug 3 22:40:16 MDT 2009

Hi ,everyone .

   I run a 3 domain nesting test  through  wrf v3.0.1. Domain 1 is the
parent of domain 2,and domain 2 is the mother domain of d03 .
 Their resolution is 54 km ,18km ,and 6km respectively .
But when I get the result ,the  rainc in the parent domain is strange. That
is ,rainc is always zero where  the region the child domain located
in the mother domain .Picture shown below is a example,that domain 1 is the
mother domain of d02. The shaded variable is rainc.

As we find in the figure,it is a constant value - zero in the part that d02
located of d01  . But other value such as U ,V ,rh seems correct.

Anyone can help me ?   I guess the problem is due to  incorrect geodata?  Am
I right?
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