[Wrf-users] wrf 3.1 runtime problem, smpar build on OS X [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

David Mansbach dmansbach at ucsd.edu
Sun Jul 19 14:34:19 MDT 2009

This seems to have fixed my problems for shared-memory parallel WRF 3.1
(smpar) on Linux.

I'm using RedHat with 8 quad-core Intel Xeon 5335 processors and Intel
compilers v. 10.x

I had been getting seg faults at runtime. I got the fixed files from:


as per


I cleaned, reconfigured and recompiled with the new files. Because I
compiled with the linux smpar option, I don't think my configure.wrf file
was any different - certainly no changes to ldflags_local, (that would only
have changed on Mac OS). I had to do

    setenv KMP_STACKSIZE 100M

 and after that things ran with no problems, in parallel.

Thank you!

NB: the speedup for my general test scenario was about 4x now that my system
is using 8 processors instead of just one (32 cores vs 4).
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