[Wrf-users] problem using " fine_input_stream = 0, 2, 2"

Feng Liu fliu at mag.maricopa.gov
Thu Jul 9 14:50:15 MDT 2009

Hi, all
I am running WRFv3 successfully. Now I would like to update the initial
data because I found WRF gave over-cooled temperature during night.
However, WRF crashed down with errors as following shown in attached
rsl.error file after I updated my namelist.input with adding
"fine_input_stream = 0, 2, 2," , please find namelist.input attached. It
is highly appreciated if you help me to figure out the problem. Thanks. 
d01 2002-07-03_00:00:00 *** Initializing nest domain # 2 from an input
file. ***
 d01 2002-07-03_00:00:00 med_initial data_input: calling
 -------------- FATAL CALLED ---------------
 FATAL CALLED FROM FILE:  start_em.b  LINE:     346
  start_em: did not find base state parameters in wrfinput. Add
use_baseparam_fr_nml = .t. in &dynamics and r
[0] MPI Abort by user Aborting program !
[0] Aborting program!

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