[Wrf-users] ndown producing artifacts in terrain field [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

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Don't waste your time on this one, wrf-help pointed out to me the inconsistency in my namelists. Sorry for the silly post.

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In trying to use ndown to do a one way nested run I encounter what appears to be artifacts in the HGT field. I have attached three image files (screenshots from ncview) which illustrate this. To help you orient the images, the nest is at the eastern end of the central mountain range which is visible in the screenshot of the parent domain.

wrfinput_d01.pdf is the output of real.exe for the parent domain (this is Tasmania by the way)
wrfndi_d02.pdf is the output of real.exe for the nest
wrfinput_d02.pdf is the output of ndown.exe

Note the artifacts on the boundary of wrfinput_d02, most noticeable on the north and east boundaries.

I understand that WRF does some blending of the terrain at the boundaries of the nests. However it is clear from the parent terrain that this is not simply blending.

I have also attached my namelists in case anyone would like to attempt to reproduce this problem.

Can anyone shed some light on this?



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