[Wrf-users] problems compiling wrf-var

Selin, Rebecca D CTR USAF AFWA 2 WXG/WEA Rebecca.Selin.Ctr at offutt.af.mil
Fri Jun 26 10:17:33 MDT 2009


I'm currently working on compiling WRF-VAR  The problem is it
appears to compile successfully, but no var/da/da_wrfvar.exe executable is
ever produced.  I am on an IBM AIX system, PowerPC 4.  After a clean -a
command, I configure the code (serial processing, no nesting.)  I then run:
"compile all_wrfvar > compile.log".  No errors are generated in the output
(!) but the da_wrfvar.exe executable is not there.  I've attached my
compile.log file.

I should note that I had already compiled the BUFR, BLAS, LAPACK, and
FFTPACK libraries.  The following lines are included in my startup korn
shell script:
export NETCDF=/usr/local/netcdf-3.5.1-X64
export BLAS=/sphome/adamsr/WRFLIB/BLAS
export LAPACK=/sphome/adamsr/WRFLIB/lapack-3.1.1
export BUFR=/sphome/adamsr/WRFLIB/BUFR
export FFTPACK=/sphome/adamsr/WRFLIB/dfftpack
export NCARG_ROOT=/sphome/adamsr/WRFLIB/NCL64/
export LIBPNG=/sphome/adamsr/WRFLIB/libpng-1.2.30
export OBJECT_MODE=64

Thanks for any light you can shed on the situation.  I'm stumped.

Becky Adams Selin
UCAR Visiting Scientist
Air Force Weather Agency 2 WXG/WEA
COMM: (402) 294-5273  DSN: 271-5273

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