[Wrf-users] wrf compilation problem, dmpar build, pgi compiler

Sara Rauscher rauscher at lanl.gov
Wed Jun 10 14:38:37 MDT 2009


I am having trouble compiling WRF V3.0.1.1 on x86_64 architecture with 
the PGI compiler version 7.1-6 and openmpi 1.2.8, dmpar build. I get the 
following error when "buf_for_proc" is compiled:

mpicc  -DFSEEKO64_OK  -w -O3 -DDM_PARALLEL   -c buf_for_proc.c
PGC-S-0036-Syntax error: Recovery attempted by inserting identifier 
.Z0000 before '(' (/opt/OpenMPI/openmpi-1.2.8-pgi/ib/include/mpi.h: 823)
PGC-S-0082-Function returning array not allowed 
(/opt/OpenMPI/openmpi-1.2.8-pgi/ib/include/mpi.h: 823)
PGC-S-0043-Redefinition of symbol, MPI_Comm 
(/opt/OpenMPI/openmpi-1.2.8-pgi/ib/include/mpi.h: 837)
PGC/x86-64 Linux 7.1-6: compilation completed with severe errors
make[3]: [buf_for_proc.o] Error 2 (ignored) 

This is the line in mpi.h that the compiler complains about
OMPI_DECLSPEC  MPI_Fint MPI_Comm_c2f(MPI_Comm comm);

My configure.wrf looks like this - I had to take out the f90 and cc 
flags (pgf90 and gcc) because PGI doesn't recognize them but I set those 
with setenv at the command line before compiling. Can anyone help?

# Settings for Linux x86_64, PGI compiler with gcc  (dmpar)
DMPARALLEL      =        1
OMPCPP          =       # -D_OPENMP
OMP             =       # -mp -Minfo=mp
SFC             =       pgf90
SCC             =       gcc
#DM_FC           =       mpif90 -f90=$(SFC)
#DM_CC           =       mpicc -cc=$(SCC)
DM_FC           =       mpif90
DM_CC           =       mpicc
FC              =        $(DM_FC)
CC              =       $(DM_CC) -DFSEEKO64_OK
LD              =       $(FC)
PROMOTION       =       -r$(RWORDSIZE) -i4
CFLAGS_LOCAL    =       -w -O3
FCOPTIM         =       -fastsse -Mvect=noaltcode -Msmartalloc 
-Mprefetch=distance:8 -Mfprelaxed # -Minfo=all =Mneginfo=all
FCNOOPT         =       -O0
FCDEBUG         =       # -g $(FCNOOPT)
FORMAT_FIXED    =       -Mfixed
FORMAT_FREE     =       -Mfree
FCSUFFIX        =
BYTESWAPIO      =       -byteswapio
MODULE_SRCH_FLAG =     -module $(WRF_SRC_ROOT_DIR)/main
TRADFLAG        =      -traditional
CPP             =      /lib/cpp -C -P
AR              =      ar
ARFLAGS         =      ru
M4              =      m4 -B 14000
RANLIB          =      ranlib
CC_TOOLS        =      $(SCC)

Sara A. Rauscher
T-3 Fluid Dynamics
MS B216
Los Alamos National Lab
Los Alamos, NM 87545 USA
(505) 606-0512

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