[Wrf-users] Hot lakes

Mark Stoelinga stoeling at washington.edu
Mon Jun 8 17:09:16 MDT 2009


I'm running WRF over a domain that includes the Tibetan plateau, and  
at fairly high resolution, so that many of the high-elevation lakes  
are resolved.  WPS assigns these lakes a water surface temperature  
that is apparently taken from the NNRP SST field, which has values  
similar to the nearby Indian Ocean. These are much too warm for the  
Tibetan lakes, thus producing continuous lake-effect precip.  Does  
anyone have a simple fix for avoiding this problem?

I'm not looking for perfection here, just something that will yield  
more reasonable LSTs for these high-elevation lakes, like assigning  
them the same temperature as nearby soil temperature or some such thing.

Mark Stoelinga

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