[Wrf-users] wrf 3.1 runtime problem, smpar build on OS X [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

John Michalakes john at michalakes.us
Thu Jun 4 07:41:41 MDT 2009

Hi Chris,


Which compiler are you using?  I've been working through some similar
problems with the new Intel 11 Fortran compiler; not quite there yet.
Meantime, though, please see the discussion at
<http://forum.wrfforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=609> &t=609 .  This might





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I am running wrf on (among other machines) a dual core intel Mac with OS X


If I build wrf model with smpar, basic nesting, I get a segmentation error
when I attempt to run a real data case (three nests, but I get the same
error if I set max_dom = 1). The model starts but error occurs after the
output text WRF NUMBER OF TILES = 2. 


I do not have the same problem for:


a serial build of wrf 3.1 on the same machine, 
an smpar build of wrf 3.0.1 on the same machine, or
an smpar build of wrf 3.1 on a linux x86-64 machine. 


Any ideas or advice would be much appreciated.




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