[Wrf-users] How to produce a first guess

Sky Patrick patricksky852 at gmail.com
Sun May 24 02:37:43 MDT 2009


i am try to perform data assimilation using WRFDA. And i use my own
observation data (point observation from various sites) which is not in any
of the popular format, such as NETCDF or GRIB, so my observation data was
transformed to LITTLE_R. And i currently passed the step of running the
obsproc.exe for pre-process my LITTLE_R formatted data.

For running the da_wrfvar.exe, we need the observation file generated from
obsproc.exe, background error file (i will use var/run/be.dat.cv3 for try)
and the first guess file. For the first guess file, i see some post that i
can obtain the first guess from runnig WPS real.exe or wrf.exe. But before
running real.exe, it need to run ungrib.exe, and the input file of
ungrib.exe is gridded data. So the question is, my observation data is not
in any format, and not gridded, how can i transform my own data to gridded
data and finally producing a first guess file ? Thank you very much

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