[Wrf-users] Producing >2Gb NetCDF files with WRF

Kemp, Eric M (IS) ERIC.KEMP at ngc.com
Tue May 19 10:17:36 MDT 2009

I'm still reviewing the NetCDF documentation, but so far it seems the calling program (WRF) is supposed to pass a flag to NetCDF to turn 64-bit offset on.  So it's also a WRF issue.

And I'm using NetCDF 4.0.1.  


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This is a netCDF issue, not a WRF issue.  Look at the netCDF
documentation for notes on large file support, or possibly update your
version of netCDF.


Kemp, Eric M (IS) wrote:
> Dear WRF Community:
> I'm unable to produce WRF NetCDF files larger than 2 Gb in size.  (I'm
> experimenting with very large domains for hurricane and climate simulations.
> Also, I'm using 64bit executables on a 64bit OS.)  When I run real.exe with
> debugging turned on, I see a "One or more variable sizes violate format
> constraints" message from NetCDF.  The on-line NetCDF documentation suggests
> using a "64 bit offset" mode when first creating the file.  Is there a reason
> WRF doesn't do this?  Is this a bug, or is there a compile time or runtime
> option for turning this on?
> Thanks,
> -Eric
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