[Wrf-users] question about "OUT OF BOUNDS" messages in fort.98

Eric Altshuler ela at cola.iges.org
Fri Apr 17 14:45:06 MDT 2009


I am running WRF-ARW over South Asia using a triply-nested domain (45km, 15km, 5km). In some runs, a file named fort.98 is written in the WRF run directory. It contains a number of messages, all of which are the following:

**** OUT OF BOUNDS *********

I traced this message to a subroutine called TPMIX2 in the source code file module_cu_kfeta.F in the 'phys' directory. The block of code that produces the message is:

         write(98,*)'**** OUT OF BOUNDS *********'
!        call flush(98)

The model does not crash (go unstable) when these messages are produced, but I am concerned that these messages are occurring. Do they indicate that something is going wrong in the Kain-Fritsch convection scheme, or are they just diagnostic messages that shouldn't be cause for concern?

Thanks for any feedback on this.

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