[Wrf-users] 3dvar without 3DVAR_OBSPROC

Thorsten Beisiegel tbeisiegel at unal.edu.co
Sun Apr 5 08:40:32 MDT 2009

Dear Users,

I try to find the way to introduce observational data directly to 3dvar without going through 3DVAR_OBSPROC. Looking at the source code it seems that 3dvar accepts a GTS (Global Transmission System) observation file.
Also it seems that the information about the format of the data should come within the same GTS file.
(see DA_Read_Obs.inc). Looking at some sources for GTS data I could not find any archives that match these properties. So my question is: Is there any free source that offers for example Metar reports in the format 3dvar expects or do I have to use 3DVAR_OBSPROC for real cases in any way?

thanks for any comment,


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