[Wrf-users] Setting of RADT with multiple nests

Eric Altshuler ela at cola.iges.org
Tue Mar 31 17:13:46 MDT 2009


I have asked this question before, but I have never gotten a clear answer. I apologize for asking it again.

I am running WRF-ARW with 3 domains: a coarse grid at 45km resolution, an intermediate nest at 15km, and an inner nest at 5km. The WRF documentation says two things about RADT:

1. Set RADT (in minutes) equal to the horizontal resolution (in km), e.g. RADT = 10 for DX = 10000
2. Set RADT to be the same on all domains

These rules conflict when nesting is used. Obviously, with a 3:1 nesting ratio, it is impossible to satisfy both rules. My question is, which RADT setting should be used here?

a) radt = 45, 45, 45
b) radt = 15, 15, 15
c) radt = 5, 5, 5
d) none of the above?

My intuition is to set radt = 15, 15, 15 but I would appreciate feedback on how users deal with the RADT setting when they run WRF with nesting.

Thanks in advance for your attention.

Best regards,

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