[Wrf-users] CCSM data in WRF

ybao byan at lzb.ac.cn
Thu Mar 19 03:16:22 MDT 2009

Hi All,

I was hoping somebody might have some experience using CCSM 3.0 output as 
boundary conditions for WRF.  A few specific question I have:
1.) What kind of seaice data do you need in the CCSM? Do I have to use the output from seaice model coupled with CCSM?
2.) Do I need to get the Omega data and ORO data to downscaling the data? If so ,how can I get them. I haven't found them in the CCSM output .
3.)  Has anybody written any programs to specifically convert CCSM output 
to the WPS intermediate format? 

Any help is greatly appreciated!



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