[Wrf-users] Confused about model height

John Krasting krasting at envsci.rutgers.edu
Tue Mar 10 13:01:14 MDT 2009

Hi Users -

Just want to confirm exactly how height is calculated using ARWpost.

Is this the height above ground level or above sea level?  I'm
assuming that since WRF is using a terrain-following hydrostatic
coordinate, that these values are above ground level.



more module_calc_height.f90
!! Diagnostics: Height

MODULE module_calc_height

  SUBROUTINE calc_height(SCR, cname, cdesc, cunits)

  USE constants_module
  USE module_model_basics

  real, pointer, dimension(:,:,:)       :: SCR
  character (len=128)                   :: cname, cdesc, cunits

  SCR      = ( (PH+PHB) / G ) / 1000.
  cname    = "height"
  cdesc    = "Model height"
  cunits   = "KM"

  END SUBROUTINE calc_height

END MODULE module_calc_height

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