[Wrf-users] Using non-grib files, to initialise WRF

Alan Gadian alan at env.leeds.ac.uk
Thu Feb 12 16:12:31 MST 2009

Subject: Using non-grib files, to initialise WRF

We are investigating using the UK Met Office to initialise
WRF regional model runs.
1.  Has anyone ever used Met Office PPP files to initialise WRF
2.  Has anyone ever initialised and nudge WRF using pressure level
netcdf data 3.  Has anyone had experience of converting netcdf files, pressure
levels, to GRIB, again with a view to to initialise WRF

Any help gratefully received

Address: Alan Gadian, NCAS, Environment, Leeds University, Leeds LS2 9JT
Email:   alan at env.leeds.ac.uk   or   alang44 at gmail.com

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