[Wrf-users] Where can I change process octet ID in WRF ARW?

John Overton jd3 at renci.org
Tue Feb 10 08:08:41 MST 2009


I'm trying to get our WRF output in a form able to be ingested into 
AWIPS.  Here is a comment from the admin trying out my grib file created 
by wrf post.

/The process octet ID in the product headers of your grib file is identical to the octet id number for the NCEP operational wrf. The number is 89.  The cause the Grib2decorder to choke because it thinks it is the NCEP nam model. 

In our version of WRF we can change the ID by changing the value in the post_grib.conf file. This file in our version of the wrf is found in the conf/wrf_post directory.

/In our version of WRF (ARW), I cannot find a post_grib.conf file nor is there a conf/wrf_post directory.  Does this ring any bells for anyone?  Is there another way to change the process octet ID?  Is this determined before WRF runs or after the WRF run, but before WRF post?

John Overton

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