[Wrf-users] RE: Probelm with ungrib.exe on Mac OS X

Zulauf, Michael Michael.Zulauf at iberdrolausa.com
Tue Feb 3 12:23:38 MST 2009

Here's another fairly simple solution - just modify the makefile so it
works around the case insensitivity.

It might be slightly different for whatever version you're using, but
all I needed to do was modify the file:

Here are the results of a 'diff' command between the original and my
modified version:
% diff ungrib/src/ngl/g2/Makefile.orig ungrib/src/ngl/g2/Makefile
<       $(CPP) $(FDEFS) $*.F > $*.f
<       $(FC) -c $(F77FLAGS) $*.f
<       /bin/rm -f $*.f
>       $(CPP) $(FDEFS) $*.F > $*.tmp.f
>       $(FC) -c $(F77FLAGS) $*.tmp.f
>       /bin/mv $*.tmp.o $*.o
>       /bin/rm -f $*.tmp.f

Something like that should work for you.  In essence, rather than the
result of preprocessing a .F file to a .f (which would be the same
file), it gets preprocessed to a .tmp.f file.

A bit of a hack, but it worked for me.  I informed the WRF people last
summer - maybe they'll fix this themselves sometime. . .


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If the problem that you have is related to the fact that the OS X file
system is case insensitive then there are at least two ways of getting
around this:

1. Partition your hard disk, and format one of the partitions (NOT the
one that will hold your system files) as Mac OS Extended (case
sensitive). This would require reinstalling your system and all

2. Easier and works just as well:  Use Disk Utility to create a new
blank disk image, and then use Disk Utility to format the disk image as
Mac OS Extended (case sensitive) or Mac OS Extended (case
sensitive,journaled). This takes only a minute or so and does not
interfere with the rest of your system. Then install all your WRF
software on this disk image. The only disadvantage to this method over
method 1 is that when you restart your Mac you will have to open the
disk image file each time in order to mount the volume. However this is
a very minor irritation.

I have used both these methods to install WRF using both g95 and
portland compilers and they both work. Conversely, I could not get WRF
to compile without doing this.

Hope this helps


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