[Wrf-users] Re: WRF output to VAPOR

Alan Norton alan at ucar.edu
Wed Feb 4 13:37:31 MST 2009

Install images for VAPOR, including the wrf2vdf and wrfvdfcreate 
executables, can be downloaded from the vapor website 
http://www.vapor.ucar.edu.  The entire package must be installed to run 
these commands.
If you are accessing your data on a remote Internet 2 system, then you 
should ask the administrator of that system to install vapor.  You can 
also install and run vapor on your local system.
-Alan Norton

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Date: Wed, 04 Feb 2009 16:46:41 +1300
From: Mikhail Titov <mikhail.titov at canterbury.ac.nz>
Subject: [Wrf-users] WRF output to VAPOR
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Dear all,
I'm confused but can not find on Internet 2 commands 



to transform WRF output in VAPOR format!?
Could anyone send me a reliable link of these two executable files to
Would like to play with VAPOR using my own data.
Any link is highly appreciable,
Kind regards,

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