[Wrf-users] Thank you!

Andres Rodriguez andresr at astro.iam.udg.mx
Wed Jan 28 19:19:33 MST 2009

Well, finally (thank you to all your suggestions) I found what the problem 
was. There were modifications -that I didn't know of- on the scripts that 
generated the namelist.wps, especifically the date of the files. It seems 
it was easier for me to think in other changes than those (and the error 
messages didn't looked like the ones I used to receive when I was first 
learning how to use WPS).

  Anyway...that's solved. Thank you for your help :)

Andres Rodriguez               Instituto de Astronomia y Meteorologia
Administrador red de computo   Av. Vallarta 2602  (junto a los Arcos)
Universidad de Guadalajara     Tel 36-16-49-37  Ext 107

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