[Wrf-users] Problem with ungrib

Andres Rodriguez andresr at astro.iam.udg.mx
Tue Jan 27 14:52:25 MST 2009


I have been working with WPSV3 and WRFV3 since late september without 
problems until last friday. The sysadm insist he has not make changes on 
the system that day, but now whenever I run ungrib.exe all I get is the 
following error message:

[wrf at wrf WPS3]$ more ungrib.log
2009-01-27 12:47:32.399 ---  *** StarPGFIO-F-231/formatted read/internal 
file/error on data conversion.
  In source file geth_idts.f90, at line number 110

The files I use as input are the 0.5 degree GFS from ftpprd.ncep.noaa.gov 
I really do not have a clue what could be wrong. Can anybody offer me some 
hints where to look?

Thank you!

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