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Jorge Alejandro Arevalo Borquez jaareval at gmail.com
Fri Jan 16 10:43:08 MST 2009

Hi Chris,
I've got the same problem a time ago, i can't find documentation for
LANDUSE.TBL, but may i can help you a bit:
You must edit LANDUSE.TBL provided with WRF, the secion you must modify is
USGS for summer and winter.
The fields are:
SLMO=soil moisture
SFEM=surface emmisivity
SFZ0=surface roughness
SCFX=factor for albedo modification with snow
SFHC=i've no idea, but it's not used

in this case you don't need to change the variable MMINLU

You has edited GEOGRID.TBL?

i hope these can help you

Jorge Arevalo

2009/1/15 Rodrigo Delgado Urzúa <rdelgado at netexpress.cl>

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> Hi,
> I have produced some new landuse datasets in a format that geogrid.exe can
> use, but I need to know how to modify the LANDUSE.TBL file. Can anyone point
> me to some documentation, or failing that what I need to know specifically
> is:
> 1. What is the required format of LANDUSE.TBL?
> 2. What are the fields ALBD SLMO SFEM SFZ0 THERIN SCFX SFHC and in what
> units? (of course I can make some guesses, but...)
> 3. In the file LANDUSE.TBL distributed with the existing version of wrf
> there seem to be tables for several different datasets, eg OLD, USGS, SiB
> and LW12. Which table is read seems to be controlled by the variable MMINLU
> which is actually written in the geo_em.d??? files and the met_em.d???
> netcdf files. This in turn seems to be hardcoded as 'USGS'  in the
> subroutine get_datalist in WPS/geogrid/src/source_data_module.F. Am I
> correct here, or is there some other way of changing the value of MMINLU
> without altering the code itself?
> 4. What is the difference between LANDUSE.TBL and VEGPARM.TBL? The
> information that they contain seems to overlap to some extent. But there is
> no "vegetation" dataset (separate from the "landuse" dataset) in the sample
> terrestrial data used by the real test cases supplied with wrf.
> Cheers
> Chris
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Jorge Arévalo Bórquez
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