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I have produced some new landuse datasets in a format that geogrid.exe can use, but I need to know how to modify the LANDUSE.TBL file. Can anyone point me to some documentation, or failing that what I need to know specifically is:

1. What is the required format of LANDUSE.TBL?

2. What are the fields ALBD SLMO SFEM SFZ0 THERIN SCFX SFHC and in what units? (of course I can make some guesses, but...)

3. In the file LANDUSE.TBL distributed with the existing version of wrf there seem to be tables for several different datasets, eg OLD, USGS, SiB and LW12. Which table is read seems to be controlled by the variable MMINLU which is actually written in the geo_em.d??? files and the met_em.d??? netcdf files. This in turn seems to be hardcoded as 'USGS'  in the subroutine get_datalist in WPS/geogrid/src/source_data_module.F. Am I correct here, or is there some other way of changing the value of MMINLU without altering the code itself?

4. What is the difference between LANDUSE.TBL and VEGPARM.TBL? The information that they contain seems to overlap to some extent. But there is no "vegetation" dataset (separate from the "landuse" dataset) in the sample terrestrial data used by the real test cases supplied with wrf.



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