[Wrf-fire] Fwd: WRF-Fire released in WRF Version 3.3

Janice Coen janicec at ucar.edu
Thu Apr 7 17:03:21 MDT 2011

A few additions:

The User's Guide has indeed been updated to reflect the changes in  
NCAR's V3.3 repository.  http://www.mmm.ucar.edu/wrf/users/docs/user_guide_V3/users_guide_chap-fire.htm

- In addition to some modifications Professor Mandel and collaborators  
contributed to this release based on his November version, some  
changes were made more recently that may affect your simulations, so I  
am bringing them to your attention:

  -The default fuel loads for some of the Anderson fuel models were  
altered to better reflect current understanding of the fuel components  
that participate in fire spread.  if you prefer to use what you have  
been using, you can replace those values in the fgi parameter in  
namelist.fire with your own.

  - The atmospheric windspeed used in the fire rate of spread  
calculations is now vertically interpolated using a pure log profile  
to a height that you set (fire_wind_height) in namelist.input (the  
default is   6.096 m).  The selection of a height can have a dramatic  
effect upon your simulations, but what height is appropriate to use is  
still a matter for research; the outdated 'midflame height'  concept  
that was a part of the original Rothermel formula does not carry over  
smoothly to the use of the Rothermal formula to relate rate of spread  
to the atmospheric winds in coupled weather-fire models.   I have been  
using fire_wind_height = 1  meter, as on average that is the top of my  
fuelbeds.   A more rigorous treatment should be available in the next  

  - The backing rate of spread (the rate of spread when the wind is  
blowing into the fire) (ros_back) has been distinguished from the Zero- 
wind, no-slope rate of spread (ros_base). They had been used  
interchangeably in a couple spots in V3.2 .

- 2 different idealized test cases have been supplied in test/em_fire


Janice Coen, Ph.D.
Project Scientist
National Center for Atmospheric Research
P.O. Box 3000, Boulder, CO 80307-3000

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> From: Jan Mandel <jan.mandel at gmail.com>
> Date: April 6, 2011 9:46:19 PM MDT
> To: WRF-Fire mailing list <wrf-fire at mailman.ucar.edu>
> Subject: [Wrf-fire] WRF-Fire released in WRF Version 3.3
> I am happy to announce that the fire module was released today as a
> part of WRF 3.3, which is available at
> http://www.mmm.ucar.edu/wrf/users/download/get_source.html
> Technical description of the release version is available as
> Jan Mandel, Jonathan D. Beezley, and Adam K. Kochanski, Coupled
> atmosphere-wildland fire modeling with WRF-Fire version 3.3,
> Geoscientific Model Development Discussions (GMDD) 4, 497-545, 2011
> http://dx.doi.org/10.5194/gmdd-4-497-2011
> User's guide will be updated soon.
> The code in the WRF 3.3 release is based on the development version as
> of November 20, 2010. Please see
> http://www.openwfm.org/wiki/WRF-Fire_development_notes for further
> information and links to the current development version with latest
> features, bug fixes, and additional documentation, guides, and
> utilities.
> Please contact wrfhelp at ucar.edu for support of the release version and
> the developers directly or this mailing list with any questions about
> the development version.
> New contributors to the code this year are Adam Kochanski and
> Volodymyr Kondratenko. Many thanks to all contributors!
> Jan Mandel
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