[Wrf-fire] WRF-Fire repository updated to version 3.2

Jonathan Beezley jon.beezley.math at gmail.com
Sat Jun 12 12:54:34 MDT 2010

The master branch of WRF-Fire's git repository has just been merged with WRF and WPS mainline versions 3.2.  See the WRF release notes for changes.  The content of the fire code itself was not affected by this merge; however, simulation outputs will not be bitwise equivalent to prior versions.

The WRF build system now supports parallel compilation, which defaults to 6 concurrent jobs.  This speeds up the compilation considerably; however, users with 4GB or less of memory may want to reduce the number of concurrent jobs to prevent swapping.  This can be done by adding a `-j #' flag to the compile command.  For example,

./compile -j 2 em_fire

As usual, please direct any issues with the latest version to wrffirehelp at openwfm.org.

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