[Stoch] AGU Fall Meeting Scaling Session Announcement

kpressel at caltech.edu kpressel at caltech.edu
Mon Jul 9 18:05:23 MDT 2012

The conveners of the AGU Fall Meeting Session titled “Scale Dependence,
Scale Invariance, and Scale Aware Parameterization” (Session # A066) would
like to invite submissions of abstracts relevant to this area of emerging

It has become increasingly evident that improved understanding of scaling
behavior in the atmosphere may lead to constraints on resolution-dependent
model behavior and the development of new, scale-aware parameterizations.
Recent work has shown that some resolved processes in GCMs scale in ways
consistent with observations, yet they change in internally inconsistent
or unphysical ways as model resolution increases.  We invite abstracts on
observational, theoretical, and modeling studies related to scaling
behavior of the atmosphere and/or the ocean.  Abstracts that utilize
observed scaling behaviors to develop scale-aware model parameterizations
are especially welcome.

It is our hope that this session will open up a wider and more direct
discussion between scientists engaged in model development, theory, and

The deadline to submit abstracts to the AGU Fall Meeting is 8 August 2012.

Kyle Pressel (Caltech)
Brian Kahn (JPL)
Travis O’Brien (LBL)

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