[Stoch] Aspen Center for Physics summer workshop on Stochastic Flows and Climate Modeling

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The Aspen Center for Physics will hold a three-week summer workshop on "Stochastic Flows and Climate Modeling" from June 10 to July 1, 2012.  The workshop will be co-organized by James Cho, Brad Marston, Jin-Song von Storch, and Paul Williams.  The deadline for applications is January 31, 2012; applications can be submitted via the ACP website at URL <http://aspenphys.org/> 

Description: Stochastic processes can be used to model systems in which two or more spatio-temporal scales interact. Turbulent flows, weather, and climate are prime examples. Typically, the small/fast scale is treated as a random influence on the large/slow scale. The workshop will focus on improved understanding of geophysical and astrophysical flows made possible by stochastic modeling. In particular, advances in computing power and algorithms permit a direct comparison of stochastic models to numerical simulations. The power and limitations of the stochastic approach need to be better established, however. The tension between simple and complex models will be explored within the context of how stochastic approaches can address the enormous range of spatial and process scales inherent in flow and climate systems. The workshop will bring together climate scientists, astrophysicists, applied mathematicians, and physicists to stimulate interdisciplinary research in these directions.

Aspen workshops are known for their informality.  There are no proceedings, and participants come to talk with one another about exciting ideas and problems rather than to talk at one another about work already completed.  New research is often initiated and even completed in Aspen, and there are numerous examples of influential papers and areas of research that can trace their origins to an Aspen workshop.  There will be no more than 3 formal sessions (lasting no more than 3 hours each) scheduled per week.  Thus Aspen workshops are quite different from most other workshops and conferences. 

The Center and the City of Aspen are very family-friendly.  The town and the surrounding mountains offer many opportunities to enjoy Colorado. Participants are encouraged to bring their families along.

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