[ncl-install] Issue installing NCL from conda

Fernando Jaume Santero fjaume at ucm.es
Fri Jun 23 05:52:26 MDT 2017


my name is Fernando and I am trying to install NCL using Miniconda (conda

-First, I installed NCL in my py2 env with Python 2.7.13, and I could run
"ncl -V" (output: 6.4.0), but I had some problems to run the second test
"ng4ex xy05n -clean -W png" because it cannot find the command (output:
bash: /home/fernando/miniconda3/envs/py2/bin/ng4ex: /bin/csh: bad
interpreter: No such file or directory)

-Second, I tried to create its own env (ncl_stable) as it is recommended in
the website, and it has automatically been set for Python 3.6.1. However,
problems appear for both tests now, obtaining for "ncl -V" (ncl: error
while loading shared libraries: libopenblas.so.0: cannot open shared object
file: No such file or directory) and for "ng4ex xy05n -clean -W png" (bash:
/home/fernando/miniconda3/envs/ncl_stable/bin/ng4ex: /bin/csh: bad
interpreter: No such file or directory).

I would like to know if I am missing anything or you know how to solve
these errors.

Thank you for your time,
Fernando Jaume-Santero

Fernando Jaume Santero
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