[mpas-developers] ESMF Calendar

Todd Ringler todd.ringler at mac.com
Fri Mar 2 07:36:04 MST 2012

Hi Conrad,

I have not dug into this (I will when I get into the office), but I wanted to pass it along. Using the updated calendars, I get the following error:

 Doing timestep 0002-12-30_23:36:00             
 Doing timestep 0002-12-30_23:44:00             
 Doing timestep 0002-12-30_23:52:00             
 MPAS_TIMEKEEPING: timegetmonth:  could not extract month of year from time

The run started in May, so it ran through six months before hitting this. This is the first time I have rolled over a year using the new calendar.

The new calendar is producing 30 day months, which will be a great convenience for the long runs we are starting. Thanks for putting that into the code.


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