[mpas-developers] plans for parallel i/o?

Mark Petersen mpetersen at lanl.gov
Thu Nov 10 13:35:25 MST 2011


If we could have parallel io working in some form in the next few weeks, 
it would be perfect timing for us.  Let us know if you need beta testing 
for the ocean branch.


On 11/10/11 10:19, Michael Duda wrote:
> Hi, Mark.
> I've been experimenting with the PIO library that is used in CESM, and I
> think a first-cut implementation should be pretty straightforward; the
> biggest issue may be how we make the transition to PIO in the trunk.
> After we commit our non-hydrostatic code to the trunk (hopefully later
> today!), I'm planning to refresh the 'pio' branch that I created a
> couple of weeks ago; if all goes well, that branch should have
> functional parallel I/O by early next week, at which time we can begin
> to use it in a testing mode.
> Cheers,
> Michael
> On Thu, Nov 10, 2011 at 09:17:13AM -0700, Mark Petersen wrote:
>> MPAS developers,
>> The ocean model is now in a state where we are testing high resolution
>> simulations.  It appears that we are limited by the lack of parallel
>> i/o.  I think I've seen a few commits on this.  Micheal, are there plans
>> for parallel i/o for the mpas framework?
>> When I run with our 15km ocean mesh, which has
>>           nCells = 1848103 ;
>>           nEdges = 5578724 ;
>> I get an  'insufficient virtual memory' error at the time of the first
>> output write.
>> Thanks,
>> Mark
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