[mpas-developers] Trunk Commit Check: Bug in core_sw/module_global_diagnostics.F

Doug Jacobsen dwj07 at fsu.edu
Mon Dec 20 09:19:31 MST 2010

Hi Everyone,

So, I found a bug in the shallow waters module_global_diagnostics.F. It's
only apparent for limited area grids. Basically, I was getting cellsOnEdge,
and just using both of them, but on a boundaryEdge one of the two
cellsOnEdge is 0, making it not a valid cell, so the code would segfault. I
changed it to check that both of the two cells were not 0 before doing the
computation, and it appears to work.

I have attached the file, to see if anyone cared to look at it. I'll
probably commit it tomorrow if I don't hear anything back. Thanks!

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