[NARmetrics] NAR Metrics - All staff can now copy a previous FY metric record and create a new record with a new FY

moshak moshak at ucar.edu
Mon Sep 24 10:16:49 MDT 2012

Dear All,


At our metrics orientation meeting this year, folks requested making the
"copy" feature available to all staff to help save on data entry.  Here it


All metrics must have a fiscal year (FY) as part of the record.  If you have
a metric that is taking place over two or more fiscal years you can save
re-entering all the data over again and instead copy the record from the
previous FY, update the FY to the new year and submit!


To copy a record: 

>From the NAR metrics main page at

Select the metrics category you working on and then.


1.       Click on .view/edit my submissions >  or view all >

2.       Filter for the record you want to copy by using the search field at
the right hand upper corner of the data display or sort/filter any column of
data using the sort arrows or the search field at the top of each column

3.     Go to the "Created by Column" by scrolling to the far right of the
data using the scroll bar at the bottom page

4.       To copy, click on [copy entry].  Enter the new FY, edit the data as
needed and click on submit.  This will leave the original record in the
dbase and create a new record with the updated data and new FY.


Please share this with any of your staff entering metrics for your program!


Let me or Cindy W. know if you have any questions.







Helen Moshak, JD

NCAR Operations Director

National Center for Atmospheric Research



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