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Dear All,


Just a reminder J


Re: FY12 NAR Metrics Schedule

Beginning with the start of the FY12 year in September, 2011 the NCAR
metrics Dbase at https://www.ncar.ucar.edu/internal/metrics/#
<https://www.ncar.ucar.edu/internal/metrics/>   is open and staff are
welcome to enter metrics.

In late August we will schedule a Metrics Overview meeting for any
interested staff.  DONE!!  Thanks for attending!

Friday, October 19th - please have all FY12 metrics entered in the Dbase and
reviewed by the Metrics Mavens for accuracy and duplicate records.  Labs are
welcome to set internal deadlines so that there is sufficient time for Lab
data review.

Monday, October 22th - Cindy Worster will pull the FY12 Metrics Data reports
and begin filtering, sorting, and analyzing the data.   She will partner
with Metric Mavens to address any data issues.

Friday, November 16th -  Cindy will complete the Metrics analysis and
narrative report for the NCAR Annual Report and data snapshot.  


Here is the current list of Metrics Maven - Super Users with the ability to
edit any record.

Barbara Ballard (NESL/CGD) 
Kris Marwitz (NESL/MMM) 
Barb Petruzzi - (NESL/ACD) 
Bonnie Slagel (NESL)


Joanne Dunnebecke
Karen Griggs 


John Fable
Helen Moshak
Cindy Worster 

Sara Metz
Tammy Kepple
Whitney Robinson
Patti Kidd


Marcia Killingsworth


Amy Knack


Scott Briggs
Paula Fisher


Paula Robinson

Please let me or Cindy Worster know if you have any questions.




Helen Moshak, JD

NCAR Operations Director

National Center for Atmospheric Research




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