[NARmetrics] Please count on entering your data into the new Dbase

Helen Moshak moshak at ucar.edu
Tue Aug 10 11:56:52 MDT 2010

Dear All,


Please count on entering your FY10 NAR Metrics data in the new Dbase.  We
are retiring the excel workbook and removing it from our web guidelines
pages so please hold off on data collection until the dbase is ready.  Staff
will be able to enter/edit their own or other data.  The goal is to have the
option for Mary Scientist to be able to enter her own data or Joe AAIII to
enter data for a section or group of employees and anyone who enters that
data will have the ability to edit it as the "originator" of the data.
Each Lab will also have a Super Editor who will be able to edit any of their
lab's data.   Stay tuned for more updates!






Helen Moshak, J.D.
Manager, Directorate Operations
National Center for Atmospheric Research
phone: 303-497-1112
fax: 303-497-1194


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